Ljudski Vrt Stadium - Maribor

Generic Oval

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Looks like a good stadium, especially the background is nice!
I hope you can find someone for the floodlights and shadows. :)


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darxxx;2690859 said:
Dule, long time no see, how are you mate?
Thanks mate for not forgeting me ;-)

I am fine, working a lot (private life) .... and I dont have time for Fifa,
but I visit this site when I get time....

NIce to see you made a Slovenian stadium , respect (Y)


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Thank you all for the nice words.

@Generic Oval: Thank you, I hope the same to, it would improve the overall look quite a bit.

@Dule: Of course I didn't forget you. As for the stadium, I bugged a lot of people to do it for me, but most of them didn't have time. I get it, now even more than before, cause it's a lot of work. I basically didn't have any choice but to do it myself, so ... You made them before so you know yourself ...

@$ido: Thanks, coming from you it really means a lot. I now respect your work and the work of other stadium makers even more. Massive respect!


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Hi darxxx, can I add this stadium to my RTWC patch? I don't need the floodlight or anything like that, what you have there would be perfect for me :)


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houltonj;2691242 said:
If thats your first stadium, i should delete my first one im working on now and keep trying :(

Nice work!
No man, don't throw it away, in time you will get better and you can update it 'till it will look good. I did a lot of things twice or three time before it looked a bit like the real stadium. So keep trying, if I made it you will to.:)

btw. which stadium are you working on?


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RobbieD_PL;2691106 said:
Hi darxxx, can I add this stadium to my RTWC patch? I don't need the floodlight or anything like that, what you have there would be perfect for me :)
It is not finished yet, there are still a lot of bugs and mismatched textures + it's the club version and not for the Slovenia NT. I would like to fix this before I get the first version out.


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I didn't base my stadium on anything, i just followed a tutorial, i spanish. #

I had to translate it, so. What tutorials did you use? Because i need them.

If i have about 1 more day practise, i might make my local stadium.

Sits about 2000 people but oh well... :)


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Very nice work on this stadium. Good to see someone attempting a smaller stadium from one of the less fashionable teams. Keep going and release the critter when you are happy with it...


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@Den: Thanks mate, I think there isn't a graphic for fifa a hadn't done yet:innocent_smile_1:

@houltonj: It doesn't matter how big the stadium is, there is always an important team playing on it, even though it might have a very small fan base. As for the tutorial, try this if it help, it helped me in the beginning.


@ExittheLemming: It's the stadiums of my hometown team, and no one made an attempt so far, so I decided to make it myself. Thanks for the nice words.:)

@Robbie: I'll have a look at that, thanks.