Reserve Team
nice locations although I would want to see one in maybe in the busy streets of Japan or in the snowy courts of Russia. Also one in Argentina and Portugal where it seems to be popular in real life.


Youth Team
Nice that they putted the Nikeplein Court in Amsterdam! Lots of dutch players grew up there!

Chacarita Juniors

The artist formerly known as ronnifan9
the mexican one is great....but the brazilian one seems the best
......overall they all look great
1. brazilian
2. mexican
3. english
4. german
5. spanish
6. italian
7. dutch
8. freanch
9. nigerian
10....:kader: american...looks similar to dutch:confused:


Senior Squad
Difference between street soccer and futsal are stuff like street soccer doesn't have corner kicks. Futsal have corner kicks. And street soccer uses the walls at the side as part of the game. Where you can bounce the ball of the wall to get past players or use it to pass the ball to ur teammate.


Fan Favourite

Rio De Janeio Favella

London Train Depot

Marseille Underpass

Berlin Kreutzburg Zone

NYC Dyckman Park

Barcelona Parc Guell

Mexico City Tepito District

Roma River Bank Piazza

Nikeplein Court Amsterdam

Largos City Outskirts (Nigeria)


Reserve Team
London, New York City, Marseille and Amsterdam are the ones, i like most. It's such a shame they don't release this game for PC. I hope it's like some other games, the PC Game is just delayed. If they make some cool modes in there (CAREER !!) than this can be a MUST HAVE !