LOL!!, check this out


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me and my friend were playing a game of FIFA 2005 off Direct IP and i had the ball in posesion dribbling down the field and then all of a sudden i pass it to one of my players but it goes over the stands, lol and then out of nowhere we see our players behind the EA sports sign, we were trying to get out but we couldn't. we were in there till the game was over so at least 15 minutes of doing nothing. we were laughing our asses off. check out the pic below.


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:clapwap: :rofl: :funny:

i love these bugs

Really , when the games have these bugs make me lough so i love them!!

great post


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Haha... I love bloopers in games like these. They make me laugh. Just look at how the other guys are just standing watching the guys behind the sign.

And who said FIFA was scripted? ;)


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u know wot u should have done.. make a move showing tha whole 15 mins... but lol any way,:rofl: reminds me of WC 2002 :jap:


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Top quality entertainment...first a goalkeeping throw into the nets...then FIFAgangbang and now what ?!?!?! Impossible to there a hidden option for bugs in the game...would be the only reason for me to buy the pile of shi.t...:rockman:


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haha if u look closely one of the french players is looking directly at the brazilian player all gay. And those dudes on the field lookin at those homos is hilarious.


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that is really funny, also, have you noticed when the keeper on free kicks usually trespasses the net?


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LMAO LOL :funny:

... perhaps this a EA version of copy protection :rolleyes:

Could you play on with less players???



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What makes that even more funny is that it looks like they know they're trapped.:D . Sometimes when something like that happens with a video game, they just do circles and don't look so convincing in the part. lol.

PS: I'm sure EA has employed Chimpanzees to do the beta testing on their sports games this year. They probably guessed that if you give them beer and cigarrettes, they'll do repetitive tasks free of charge, because I can't believe that honest sober monkeys were responsible for some of what has gone wrong in their games this year.