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Major League Soccer History Patch


I'm announcing my newest project, Major League Soccer history! Each of the seasons of MLS will be released here.
Working on 1996 first....watch this space
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MLS 1996 is ready for release....once again big thank you to TonyKroos for his excellent kits which guaranteed this patch's release!!
Major League Soccer was born out of the ashes of the old North American Soccer League, which folded in 1984 after just 17 seasons. MLS would start with 10 teams: Colorado Rapids, Columbus Crew, Dallas Burn, DC United, Kansas City Wiz, Los Angeles Galaxy, New England Revolution, New York/New Jersey Metrostars, San Jose Clash and Tampa Bay Mutiny.
one more video for 1996...
Now on to 1997...watch this space......
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Anybody's welcome to use however they'd like.

2000 Season

2001 Season

2002 Season


First video showing off kits from TonyKroos for 1997 MLS Tampa Bay Mutiny vs New England Revolution [3rd kit]
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MLS 1997 Preview featuring Los Angeles Galaxy vs DC United
[Kits by TonyKroos][Adboards by Socaltexan]
Thanks guys!! Enjoy!
Los Angeles Galaxy vs DC United


Here is a PDF work sheet for MLS 1996. The numbers at the right in RED are any new players that have to be created for that season with their height and weight. The ELO number is from https://www.besoccer.com which is how I am rating all of the players. I will put out these work sheets with every season release.
Some players during MLS seasons were traded during the season. Those players will be on both rosters but they won't be starters or backups for both teams.