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Malaysian League for FIFA 13 PC


Reserve Team
akim0908;3363917 said:
it could be better if the players are on untucked shirt
it would be more realistic

But if ALL players are untucked, then it is not realistic as well. So I'll just compromised given the free times were limited and the information about all players' attributes of Malaysian footballers are almost non existence.

Gameplay funs is still number 1 in my patchmaking.:blush:


Reserve Team
ryanbelhsen;3364494 said:
does it work season after season in Manager Mode ?

I have yet to test it a full season.

I'll post more if I succeeded. Thanks for your concern and interest.


Reserve Team
We have a problem in promotion and relegation to and from upper league. Can't get it working. Previous compdata editing in FIFA12 have no problem whatsoever.

This time around, as if it is locked by EAS. I'm now using leagueid 41,66,67 and 80 so that Career manager mode is possible. I already (i think) write proper line with promotion and relegation in the setting.txt (just like in previous FIFA12). This time it simply not moving. The winner team of lower league cannot move/promote to upper league, vice versa, for lower rank team not relegated to lower league in 1 season. It only happen in 2 season. Don't know why. Any ideas.


Reserve Team
regularcat;3367295 said:
pm jschuck, he has multiple leagues functioning with promotion and relegation.

Thx. Already. Still clueless.

But I'll recheck if the CUps (group cups format) are the culprit. Will posted if that is the case.


Reserve Team
Just to share the latest progress of my Malaysian League patch (4 tier leagues) for FIFA 13:

Looks like I can't make a patch league that start in February if the league have multiple divisions hence have direct promotion and relegation (no playoff)

Out of frustration, I have to now satisfied by starting the Malaysian league from Ogos to May to ensure the promotion to lower league and relegation to upper league possible every year. So in short, I'm now able to solve the problem.

FYI, European start in August, yes, but not in the Asia league, mind you which seasons start in Jan/Feb/Mac.


Youth Team
syahriz;3369918 said:
bro,,,bley kasi saya gambar dy x yg cun punya..saya cuba buat

mcm ni boleh x???



Reserve Team
Link for download updated in the first page. TQ

But sorry, I'm still have season 2012 rosters.

Season 2013 only start this January.


Reserve Team
You did not read the page carefully. You assume it normal. Read carefully then you know what software to use.

I use zipx as it is the format that able to create the smallest zip. Use winzip.

Please for peoples sake, again READ carefully what the author stated. Ignorant of what people wrote is unlikely the best. It's rather embarassing. 8)