Man Utd Vs. Arsenal [P] [R]


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Tosiek;3097794 said:
And here we go. I feel sorry for the all Arsenal fans on these forums, they will have to listen to this crap till the next game against United.:biggrinx:

here we go(Y) and that's just the beginning.


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I think its more the directors of Arsenal's fault. Of course Wenger would like talented, expensive players, but they have to buy them for him.


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kp40;3097791 said:
@FC Barca & Messi : get ready ;) coz this United & Rooney smell blood[/B]

LOL Come on KP, Manchester United is no Barcelona and Rooney is not Messi :biggrinx:




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poet11;3097801 said:
He should do the right thing.....JUST LEAVE

he has the least fault over there.
When injured and suspended players come back, the situation would be better.

They have Nasri and Feb cash, why not overpay for players like Sneijder and ...


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I just realized that today is a sad day for all londoners, first Fulham lost to Newcastle and now Tottenham and Arsenal got a harsh lesson of football from both Manchester teams.


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kp40;3097809 said:
he has the least fault over there.
When injured and suspended players come back, the situation would be better.

They have Nasri and Feb cash, why not overpay for players like Sneijder and ...

We have been in relegation form since March maybe. He hasn't done anything at all to correct the situation. He seems incapable of motivating these players now. I know we missed many important players but this was humiliating because it looks like we never ever prepared for the game. There was no organization. I don't know how the fans who pay the highest ticket prices feel. There were bargains available through out the window......Enrique,Vidal,Parker etc. The biggest shock was HE NEVER HAD A PLAN!!!


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kin hell im feeling sorry for wenger although i despise arsenal. its too easy to beat arsenal these days.


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Superb display today. The kids put on a show and its unbelievable that half of the starting lineup never won an EPL! Ashley Young, what a singing! Same for Phil Jones, Ferdinand will have a lot of trouble trying to get back into this team and Chris Smailing is just owning that right back spot. Fast strong tall, makes crazy through ball passes, great ball control and can also attack with quite a bit of venom. Man these kids are doing amazing so far. De Gea had some superb stops too, he just needs to improve his footwork on shots and he will be the new VDS.

Not to take anything away from a magnificent display though, but this must have been the worst defense put out in EPL since I can remember. No fighting spirit, no experience, no hunger, barely any skill. They were simply tooooooo young and clueless.


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Arsene Wenger: “We were very weak in some departments and Man Utd had a lot of class. You always feel humiliated when you concede eight goals,” said the Frenchman – but, more pertinently, he is asked if he is going to quit: “No.” Has he considered it? “No.” Does he have the confidence of his employers still? “Yes, I think so.” He went on… “The solution in England is always to buy players, but it doesn’t always happen like that.”


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This is the kind of result that makes gloryhunting fans switch allegiances. Where to poet?

EDIT: Wow, those goals just oozed class. Ashley Young with a couple Arjen Robben-esque goals. Glad I added him to my EPL fantasy team last night, although unfortunately only to the bench this week.


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Holy ****, was on a trip today, and I see this when I get back? Watching the Chelsea rerun, but I might do a back-to-back to see those 10 goals. Insane. Not looking forward to facing either Manchester side this season, although I can't see us being as leaky as Arsenal, then again, can't say until I watch the match.