Manchester United Thread [2008/2009]

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I guess my gut feeling was correct. It was a little bit to quiet lately. But I think SAF and co. made the right decision by letting him go as he wanted to leave. We got to see the best of him and I wish him all the best for the remainder of his career. He gave us wonderful moments and I would like to thank him for that. Like some of you said, SAF always has a plan and probably already planned on this. Maybe Tosic was brought in to eventually replace Ronnie, who knows.....but one thing is for sure we won't be having crazy rumours flying around about one of our players in the next few summers. Ronaldo was special, but maybe the team will be even better without him. The same thing happened when Ruud left, we have been almost unstoppable ever since.


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Btw what do you guys think of Valencia? He could cost us 16 millions.

I think he's good and impressed for Wigan. But there are some players in United who are just as good as him for e.g. Nani. He'd be a good signing but won't add much to our team IMO. He's more suited as a backup rather than Ronaldo's replacement. He's not that young as well... same age as Ronaldo. I'd prefer Lennon over him anytime.


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adedawson;2682747 said:
feck... i bet £10 with a lad he wouldnt go! O well, I wonder who we will get... summers about to get interesting.

Wigan's chairman Dave Richards was on Skysports, he said that United "had shown interest in Valencia" and he also said that "Fergie won't allow them to raise Valencia's price" and he hinted that won't be the case.

Perhaps Valencia is imminent for us then?

On a positive note - at least Ronaldo went before the new shirts came out, so that the fans weren't stuck with Ronaldo shirts for next season. Plus hopefully we'll get the transfers done before the preseason training - it annoys me when we hang it out all summer.

Interesting question ... What does this mean for Nani? Will he get a chance to step up? or will he be offloaded too - Sporting are hoping to take him back on loan, or in a swap with Joao Moutinho (who I'd like to see here)

Personally I hope Nani gets a chance, we certainly haven't seen the best of him yet.

Also heard an interesting story about Berbatov on the radio: Apparently he was so nervous in his first few games he was throwing up in the dressing room! Perhaps Berba can relax in his second season and show us what he's got.


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I for one am sad to see him go. He is a phenomenal player, whatever you think about his attitude or actions off the field, you cannot take away from him the fact that he is a phenomenal player, and he did a lot for us these past few seasons, so I am glad that he was in our team and helped us win three straight leagues and the CL...he was a huge part of our success.

From a personal standpoint, I can understand why he wanted to leave. He had won the only two things that matter (league and CL) with United, so there wasn't anything left to accomplish in England. He is young and undoubtedly wants to make the most of his 20's, which is the best years of life, so for him maybe that means going to new places, experiencing new things, and I can't blame him for that one bit, hell I would love to be able to go live in England for a few years, then live in Spain for a few years, then go somewhere else, etc. So for him it may have been as much of a 'life' decision as a footballing decision.

I hope he has success at Madrid...I will be rooting for him.


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I read on your website that Nani might be returning to sporting, either on loan or for moutinho + cash... Moutinho might be a good creative cm for you guys, he's been branded as the new deco... but that would suck for nani

Also there are reports tevez doesn't want to return, he's mad at the way he has been treated all year and doesn't wanna hear about it, it said in this article fergie called him but tevez doesn't care, a source close to him said "You treat someone badly for a whole year, you don't make it up with a telephone call, right?"... what a shame, should have acted sooner...
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