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nady;3813868 said:
He can't be more expensive than De Gea's transfer fee to Real Madrid.

If you make a profit, all the more power to you, but it doesn't change anything on our end.

I would much rather Cech went to Madrid, mind, although we'd probably get less for him.

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They would do well to get that. It's not like there are a host of clubs bidding - everyone knows he will go to Madrid and it's just a case of taking the peanuts you get offered or losing him for free next season.


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My Prediction:
2015-2016 - United to get relegated
Rooney and others sold to overcome the financial crisis cause of less than 1000 attendance at OT.
Stadium Name sold to Indian biscuit brand PARLE G
Sir Alex comes out of retirement to manage Bournemouth and lead them to the title.
Juan Mata, Fellaini, Di Maria open up a casino and get caught for fraud and go to jail.

Manchester United are renamed Oldton Heath FC

The FA finds out Man Utd to be prime reason for match fixing scandals since the Premier League era began. Stripped of all titles.

End of the FA.

End of Football.

I happily go on and support my beloved Randi Ka Baccha FC from Senegal.


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