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Martin Jol


Starting XI
I laugh at the fact that Spurs have come to think that they are competing with "the big 4" nowadays and would not accept a lower than 5th place finish. Also, contact with Ramos during preseason, that's just low and stupid. Their loss.


So will this be an immediate take-over for Ramos or are they gonna wait it out until the end of the season? I mean there's no guarantee the way Spurs have been playing that they'll even be in the EPL and I'm not sure what Ramos will be able to do to change things around.

Sevilla should hire Mourinho if they have the money.


Senior Squad
Sevilla still have a team of class players, any decent manager should be able to get good results with them, Tottenham have a horribly unbalanced squad at the moment, Robinson is arguably the worst keeper in the premiership at the moment, and they are dependent on the incredibly injury prone Ledley King in defense, Darren Bent was a terrible buy, a striker was the last thing that needed strengthening in the team, the money should have gone towards another defender and a left midfielder.


Youth Team
The lack of competent defenders was not Jol's choice. He wanted an experienced centre back this summer and Comolli bought him Kaboul!


Starting XI
Haven't Spurs just commited the most blatantly obvious illegal activity ever. They were blatantly talking to Ramos while he was still under contract. He quits Sevilla, then is going to join Spurs like a day later. Spurs have to go through Sevilla in order to speak to their manager. The fact he quits, and then is going to join Spurs so quickly shows that there was prior contact.

At very least, Spurs are going to have to part way with some money because of this.


Senior Squad
Looks like they've done the same with Poyet, could be costly for them. It will be interesting to see if Ramos can turn them around, Sevilla beat Valencia 3-0 without him, his achivements have been good with Sevilla but with the talent they have I wouldn't class them as overachievers.


Youth Team
Jol was never Levy's choice... he was Arnesen's. Levy the great know it all picked the flavor of the week Santini and we know how well that worked out. So most Spurs fans while eager to embrace a new manager (that actually has some trophies under his belt) are a little cautious of another quick fix brought in by Levy who to top it off doesn't speak much English. Jol was stabbed in the back and Spurs fans won't forget that. I think most really wanted and believed Jol would get further success and some silverware. Jol will move on to do well somewhere else and best of luck to him.

I think Comolli and Levy had more to do with selling Carrick and buying Bent. It's really hard to know where the blame falls with regard to not fixing the defensive situation but it's more than apparent that Jol & Comolli didn't see eye to eye and Commoli has pretty much had his nose up Levy's arse. Kaboul will be great but he's no instant replacement for Ledley King. In the end some of Jol's tactics and decisions were questionable and the team was unprepared for this season and the boardroom troubles haven't helped.

I think like some say, once Ramos gets his system in place and a few players of his choosing things will get back on track and Spurs will challenge which has been long overdue. I know that's an unpopular thought here amongst all the rabid Spurs haters.