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Since there is no EA Sports FC 24 forum yet, I will leave it here. Since EA Sports FC 24 is out for the ones with EA play or Ultimate edition, there is no point in continuing here in FIFA 23. I will release the latest update of my mod hopefully later this week, but we will see... (Few new faces, nothing big) My gaol is now of course transfer as much faces from FIFA 23 to EA Sports FC 24 as fast as possible. This of course depends on how and if FIFA 23 faces will work in EA FC, when the tools will be released et cetera. Of course most of them will need EEP or other mod to add Czech league, but I can hopefully release at lest Sparta, slavia and Plzeň asap.

So just one final update and see you in EA Sports FC 24.


Youth Team
Fortuna Liga facepack for EEP 2.0 WIP 4
For squadfile EEP WIP4 Squadsfile 24th Sept - EAFC convert!

Now only 91 faces! Please keep reading
I removed all the players who are not in the latest squad and also in Czech Fortuna Liga. All players transferred outside or loaned to lower league are removed from .lua file. (They are still in project file as well as in mod since I was to lazy to remove them, .lua should take care of it, I tested it and it worked fine)

New faces
Muhamed Tijani
Victor Oluyemi Olatunji
Filip Havelka
Lukáš Hůlka
Jakub Surovčík

Fifaproject file also in .rar

Fortuna Liga former players facepack for EEP 2.0 WIP 4
For squadfile EEP WIP4 Squadsfile 24th Sept - EAFC convert!

All faces I made for former players of Czech Fortuna Liga. 24 faces in total. I used some IDs from player I removed from main mod so only use the latest version of main mod with this mod. Give this mod higger priority over main mod and apply lua for this mod second!
Dávid Hancko
Adam Hložek
Tomáš Vaclík
Michal Sáček
Matěj Hanousek
Tomáš Pekhart
Simon Deli
Yira Sor
Alexander Bah
Jakub Jankto
Florin Nita
Martin Minchev
Adam Gabriel
Tomáš Čvančara
Casper Hojer
Ondřej Lingr
Aleš Čermák
Peter Oladeji Olayinka
David Jurásek
Matěj Kovář
Awer Bul Mabil
Václav Černý
Srdjan Plavsic

Fifaproject file also in rar


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Hello!, a question, do you know how to convert faces from FIFA 15 to FIFA 23? I want to convert Falcao from 15 to 23, but I couldn't do it, could you help me?