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I have watched the mls the way it is set up is terrable.I hate when there's a draw how they have them shoot out and the team that wins gets only one point anyway.another thing is the play off,you have ply offs in cup compitition.heres what they need to do to increase the popularity.

1. elimanate end of season play offs and combined the two leagues to make a league of twelve teams you'll call this the MLS make three lower divisions 1,2,and 3rd divisions have promotion and relegation.

2. simply let there be draws

there you have it those improvements will increase the popularity of the league. if you agree or disagree reply

p.s also add stopage time


You are absolutely correct, MLS is garbage and this is from an American, the powers that be in MLS have totally screwed up that league, some of the things you mentioned you would like to see institiuted like promotion and relagation will never happen in America but your right on about it should be just one table, not two divisions, get rid of the shoot-out and they really need to market it better, there were 2000 fans at a game in Kansas City a couple of weeks ago, I think they should join the rest of the world and start bring in not high price but maybe some division 2 or 3 level english talent, gotta be better than what's here, and they can still have a quota of american players that have to be in the league.