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Mod for Serie A-TimCup-SuperCupITA


Club Supporter
I created this mod to update the Serie A, Serie B, TimCup, SuperCupITA. Many textures of the Serie A are taken from fifa21, the logos of the Serie B TimCup and SuperCup I made them. Almost all banners and flags have been updated. I have also updated all the sources of the team numbers and the colors through the "Setting" file there are partial updates of the teams. let me know if you like it.

is my first mod if there is any change or problem write to me in private or on IG: Peppino_nerd

Very important:

without the file (squad) installed there will be problems with the colors of the numbers etc etc.



I removed Trapani and Perugia and inserted Monza and Reggina h also added the patch on the sleeve of the third juventus shirt

tim cup8.1.png


  • tim cup1.1.png
    tim cup1.1.png
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  • tim cup2.1.png
    tim cup2.1.png
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  • tim cup4.1.png
    tim cup4.1.png
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  • tim cup3.1.png
    tim cup3.1.png
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  • tim cup6.1.png
    tim cup6.1.png
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