Modders Law/Rule? FYC


Youth Team
Hi all ,
I was recentely visiting Fifa-Infinity and noticed that the members of this Fifa modding site are NOT going to be sharing thier excellent work with the wider community, which I think is a crying shame
What do you think to the idea of a Law/Rule which could be drawn up by the modding community and headed up by a respected modder stopping anyone from stealing or re-distributing other modders work without thier strict permission and anyone found guilty of this would be punished in some way ie:name & shamed/Banned or some way agreed by New Modders commitee.
This would mean that the whole Footbal PC gaming community could enjoy the Fantastic work of all these great modders, without the modders having thier hard work stolen or re-distributed without thier permission.

It may not seem very serious to us but they use up many, many hours of thier own time to create thiers mods for us to enjoy a better Football game on PC to which all of us including EA should be grateful for.

Please let the modders know through this thread what you think about this idea, because most of us are honest regualar peeps just wanting to play Football games enhanced by using modifications and are not out to steal any modders work.
and PLEASE modders what do you think and would you consider this idea ?
Is it a good idea?
Is it workable?
Should modders be paid in donations?