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Moddingway Mod 15 Bugs/Complaints Thread


Senior Squad
What can I do to enter in Moddingway's database? I want to change stadiums assignments in career mode but I can't...I don't want to delete Mw patch...Help me please...


Senior Squad
When I start a new carreer the game crashes during the loading screen.
Also in existing carreers when proceeding to a new season (also loading screen)

I only installed Revolution Mod, some faces and regenerated.

Does someone know the cause and solution?

Thank You


Club Supporter
A lot of players have no head at all. Did someone report it already in here, or on Moddingway forum? I know that the problem was mainly with Uche's head (Villareal) and it has been resolved in last update, however, I've got the same head issue with other players as well (Krychowiak, Rodriguez, Poli), and many more.

Do you know how to resolve that issue?


Senior Squad
Please delete references for the stadiums from your database...Many stadium will come out and people who plays with this patch will want to assign or clone stadiums using CM...also overwriting an existing stadium in the game,many stadiums will replace the same stadium...Maybe a good solution is to delete references for stadiums and let us choosing the way to follow...Thank you! I hope someone by MW staff sooner or later will reply me...


Senior Squad
Another question: Why EAFH's english adboards doesn't work for me? There are the same generic adboards in premier league's stadiums...I've all the moddingway patches on...What can I do to use this pack?


Senior Squad
Sooner or later I hope we will see specific adboards also on friendly matches...
P.s.: I regret this thread is actually dead...It's a real pity


Senior Squad
When I try to play a friendly with Vicenza (Italian serie B) the game crashes...Is there a way to solve this problem?


Youth Team
i have original fifa 15 with latest updates .. i have a 'be a pro' career already started .. if i install mod 1.6.3 AIO and so on,can i continue my actual career(from original database) .. ?!


Youth Team
Hi guys, i wonder if anyone has the same problem, since installing 1.8.2 players are not wearing long sleeves in winter/overcast anymore, this only happens in career mode, in kick off it works fine if i set "winter".

What i could narrow down about this bug was:
-Only in career mode(kick off is working correctly)
-Only Player sleeves(gloves are working correctly)
-Bug does not apply to players that use long sleeves in summer as they keep using long sleeves.

Im trying to figure out how to fix it, but evan setting the parameters in general.lua dont work, bug still happens in Career mode(kick off works perfect).

My guess is that its something related to the sleevelenght command in Career mode files, it seems the game still loads up the summer setting evan though it should be loading the winter, i evan tried to add the statements to general.lua and it works fine in kick off but not in career mode.



Youth Team
Hello, after adding FIFPro, there are football legends like Del Piero, Pires and so on.The commentator doesn't say the names of the players FIFPro, you can how to fix it?,, in FIFA 14, the commentator sounded names like Del Piero, but after adding this player in FIFA 15, this was not


Senior Squad
fifajoy;3802352 said:
i have original fifa 15 with latest updates .. i have a 'be a pro' career already started .. if i install mod 1.6.3 AIO and so on,can i continue my actual career(from original database) .. ?!
you can continue to all your saved games unless editing the db / using edited db.
I just installed 1.8.2 and I found a couple of small bugs.
Note: This was using Database 6.0 (not sure if these are prevalent in other databases)

The Philadelphia Union (MLS) Away Kit has the wrong color numbers. The numbers should be a dark navy blue. As is, you can't really see the numbers (white on white)

Actual kit, for reference:

Also, I was matched up against Orlando Pirates in the U.S. Open Cup. It looks Orlando Pirates (from South Africa) were accidentally put into the tournament instead of Orlando City SC.

As always, keep up the good work. I really appreciate being able to use this mod every year.


Club Supporter
Hi Moddingway Team,

first I want to thank you for your patch, it really makes playing FIFA a lot better.

I have a question regarding the database of the mod. I play with database 6, the one with additional torunaments/teams and winter transfers. I implemented all summer transfers for the 2015/2016 season with CM15, using loans. But since I did this, I just can't get the career mode working properly, it always crashes. So my question is: Is it generally possible to edit your database with CM?

Thanks in advance!

Edit: It seems like I found the quite simple solution, as Sampdoria just had too many players in their roster now (45, so three over the max number allowed). Seems fixed now. :)


Club Supporter
i installed moddingway 2.3.1, but when i play uefa champions league the adboard is not correct.
am i installed correct or a bug from the patch ?