Mods and Patches Related Questions and Answers Thread


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For fu..k sake, there is literally a thread named FIFA 16 IDs in the FIFA 16 Editing Forum. Why the hell do you have to spam 10 threads with the same dumbass question.

Watch what you are writing you don't have the rights to talk like that who the f*ck are you ?? and there is no such thread


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Hello, I have a problem I play on EEP, I added level 5 and 6 English league games and here the problem arises because the names of players disappear or the game transforms names into names


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Hey guys, I was hoping you'd give me some can I change the year manager mode starts on using Creation Master? Mine seems to be set on summer 2017. I wants to change it to summer 2019.
Ige already updates kits, transfers and stadiums but this detail is irritating me


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how can i fix this?



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Austrian tipico-Bundesliga raised in 2018 the number of teams from 10 to 12. How can I change this for carrier mode? Maybe it's possible to create the realistic mode with championship round (best 6 teams), relegation round (last 6 teams) and Europa league play-offs?


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Hi all,

Ive searched fo a solution for this problem for a whule now and I havent found anything.

I keep getting this message when I try to create a patch.



It allowed me to create patches shortly before this started happening.

I've tried giving my self access to the folder and running in administrator mode countless times.

Can anyone help? or is there a more appropriate thread?



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I saw some good news today. Ariel is back at moddingway and will try to update the moddingway patch. What a great news for the fifa modding community !