My tips for World Cup 2002 (BIG)


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I have been checking out these forums for quite some time but never really got around to joining. The more and more I see people complain about the WC2002 the more I forced myself to join.

So here I am with my two cents...

First thing I want to address is the music issues and the celebrations - Obviously I do not speak for everyone but I believe that the music and celebrations (whilst limited) could not have been better picked.

The music throughout the game is brilliant, rather than being a tune native to the hosts it symbolizes what the World Cup is about. Class. Lyrics would be a definate 'no no' for such a game like this.

Think about it, in all your favourite movies with scenes that use a soundtrack, how many of them use modern songs? The final battle in Neon Genisis Evangellion is 100% pure gold with its choice in music and just like WC2002 the music not only symbolizes the grandness and class of the World Cup but also expresses the mood. The amazing music plays when you kick a goal, much like the player would feel. Think about that, if you scored a goal wouldn't it be up there with the greatest moments in your life? The music makes it that more important. I wouldn't touch it.

As for the celebrations and a thread I re-read about how the celebrations are two slow and not enough I can only refer back to the same thing about the music. Also, upon mastering the first real FIFA game I owned, FIFA 2000, it wasn't long before I could win 20-0 on World Class and quite frankly, celebrations after each goal were nothing but annoying. Keeping them restricted to the major moments of the game is a move well done by EA.

There are 100s of issues that everyone seems to want to discuss and I could do the same but what I will finish up on is ways of winning on the dreaded, Proffessional and World Class.

First of all, I can not stress enough, DO NOT EDIT THE FILES. What are you? A cheat. There are reasons why a game is hard on hard and if you fail to understand why then you shouldnt be reading this.

OK. Now onto the actual tactics I use for matches. First of all, possession- forget about it.

It is not how much of the ball you have it is what you do with it. Most of the time I finish a game on 20% possession. The best I can remember is about 27% and that was not using my tactics which I will get to in a min.

The lack of possession runs perfectly with how I play. I do not play defensive soccer, I play agressive attacking soccer. I always have my team pushing forward in their formation and have their offense strategy as Counter Attack.

Now, to compliment this form of attacking I have to be able to stop a counter attack to my counter attack.. if that makes sense. So instead of flooding the front I play a very narrow line. We all know that people in the game such as Janker can score from anywhere the moment they touch the ball so I play with formations usually of 4-4-2 or 5-3-2.

ALWAYS HAVE A SWEEPER! I cannot stress that enough. Forwards such as Totti who have great speed can get the ball and run past defenders with ease. If you have a sweeper you have one last chance at stopping the attack before your dumb GK screws it up.

Also, whilst on defense if you are trying to slow a counter attack down so you can get your men back try a standard tackle with D. This will hardly ever knock the ball away on the chase but it will slow the striker down and if timed right it will give you enough time to get some men back to protect the goal.

Another tactic I use is after I have my men pushed back I try to get the ball and play to the sidelines. If you can knock it out it is much easier to intercept a throw than tackle a speeding stiker on route to goal. As well as trying to keep them to the sides of the pitch try to get a forward who is going in a long run to tack a run parellel to the goal line... then it is just a matter of sending your GK out to take the ball from him.

When you tackle in defense only use sliding tackle when you know it is safe. Otherwise.. bye bye key defender. A good use for the sliding tackle is use it to block a shot, so slide earlier and in front of your man. Sliding from infront whilst a striker is coming at you is the best way to steal the ball, it gives you time to run away from your marker and clear the ball upfield to a counter attack.

As for using D to tackle I only use D when I can make my defender run up next to or slightly in front of the striker. Otherwise you are giving your striker an open invitation to run away.

Never try to pass out of the box, just use D and boot it up feild were some mid fielders should help you out. If you have the time and the forwards are falling back use A to lob it right down the field. Now here comes the beauty of my play.

I always use 2 men up front. Position them one in front of the other, hopefully you can see where this is leading. When you send a counter attack into action by clearing the ball down to your end all you need now is to become compitent with the headers and just simply knock the ball over the defenders, placing it at the top of the box for your striker to come in and take the goal.

I almost always use this tactic and I have passed the game with at least 50% of the teams on Proffessional thus far and I have only had the game for two months and never have I played FIFA 2002.

Back to my tips. Obviously sometimes your striker will lose the ball and your opponents will send the ball back down to their end. This is when the risky option of setting your defense strategy to Pressure comes in. When you counter attack your defenders will rush up to the center circle whilst you attack goal. If you lose the ball the sheer numbers of men you have around the center will get you the ball back- now just send the ball back down to your striker and try again.

However, note that I say this is risky because, especially against the likes of Spain and Italy, if your defenders do not get to the ball the opposition have a clear run at the goal and this is when you really should master your defense before trying such attacks.

Still, I know I am leaving many things out, timming your headers, shot power. proper spelling and grammar :) but the final point I want to make is TEAM MANAGMENT IS CRUCIAL.

Before you start your campaign on the cup get your formation set. I should just mention now that I also have a centralise midfield so I can head the ball down to my strikers and stop counter attacks.

Back to team management. More often than not your default team is going to be average and that is on a good day. I never pay attention to overall statistics but when you are looking to change your team around for the first time the men with the lowest overall points in your starting line up should be the ones you look to replace first.

For my style of play as I have gone on and on about I make sure my defenders are the following.. Fast and good tacklers. Nothing else is needed. I usually have defenders with 5 and 6 for both of these because all they need to do is run up to the opposition, take the ball and clear it.

Midfield is much more important. This is were you should put your alrounders. For a narrow way of play like I use I have my CAM or CM as my best midfielder. If I was using France I would use Zidane becasue in this role he will both availible in defence and attack. Make sure you have good running and on a lesser extent, good fitness, for your midfielders because when your opponents attack you will need to be able to run after them and keep up the pressure with only one or two men because their ways of attack is to draw out defenders.

Another thing to note about midfield players it make sure they have both good tackling abilities and good shooting abilities. More often than not, if your stiker fumbles his shot on goal or is tackled your midfielder will be the one to clean up with a shot, so make sure you have some good shots in the midfield. But essentially- your best players go in the middle.

As for strikers I look at it like this, if you have a forward that has a star rating, he is your striker. The fastest forward you have should be your striker and another one with similar stastics should play CF. Make sure you have your fastest and best striker up front because you do not want to be able to break from the pack and kick the ball wide.

The forward line speaks for itself really, just attacking players.

So, remember. Slide when you can, do not foul.
- Clear the ball the moment you get a chance
- Pratice and master the headers
- Possession is nothing, it is what you do with it
- Team Managment is vital, if you have a star striker against you in a match make sure you have your best defender on him.
- Defense and Offense positions shouldn't be worried about, a LB can play in a RB position without a problem
- Never give up!
- Keep trying, keep your cool and practice your *** off til you get there.

For those who are wondering I play 10min halfs and score lines range from 2 to 8 goals.

I played a friendly a while ago on Pro and I got a little message telling me that I have mastered this difficulty (just like the message for Amature and Beginner) and if I want to play the game on World Class. I gave the game a shot and I didn't find it all that much harder and I was playing against France.

Finally, these tactics are not going to be everyones piece of cake and they might be hard to master but I have beaten the game on Pro with teams such as my boys, Australia, Ireland and England and dominated on Pro with Brazil and Italy.

So, I hope this has helped. Sorry about the spelling, it is a long read and I am not going over it again. If anyone wants to chat to me about this I am more than willing to help them
icq: 50990125
aim: icpphoenix
msn: [email protected]

Hit me up. That's my two cents, I hope it helps at least one person out there. Now, if you will excuse me, I have a World Cup to win :)



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Its what happens when you read too many msgs of ppl complaining about how hard the game is.

Just thought I would share my wisdom... if ppl need the help in WC2002 then they should read it.

I've done my service to the community, its to the ppl to read it :D


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B E A R E A L L I F E S O C C E R P L A Y E R to win the matches

Why dont D'yu whoever them "D'yu" are jsut play like real life...don' t adopt tactics that would help u win at every level if they ain' t realistic!


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Well it was nice to read and I appreciate the time spent. It might have been long but it was certainly more helpful than "This game sucks," or "I win 10-0 all the time, this game blows." I'm going to try some of the suggestions. I play (poorly) at the Pro level. I tend to give up a goal a game to corners (I HATE defending corners). And my scoring is pretty rudimentary: sliding tackle to take ball away from last defender and then one-0n-one with the keeper.


a ha ha

You had me interested right up to the point when you said "PROFESIONAL"!!!!!!!!! Profesional??????? Come on man........step up to World Class. Then your advice might actually mean something.

You cannot win many games with 20% possesion on world class


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You can read EA tips.;) Do you know that i read more books than you?English books french books, Greek books,I have to read music books.In the summer i have to read over 30 books,i have to swim in the sea and read books!:rolleyes:


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Re: a ha ha

Originally posted by slattikarma
You had me interested right up to the point when you said "PROFESIONAL"!!!!!!!!! Profesional??????? Come on man........step up to World Class. Then your advice might actually mean something.

You cannot win many games with 20% possesion on world class

I've been playing on World Class and I am not finding it that much harder. My tactics work, they just require concentration, as does any means of passing the game on the harder difficulties.

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Well, if it's any consolation... I found it very helpful. I was about to give up on the game as total crap, but aligning all the players right down the middle I'm having more success (and my possession has climbed dramatically as there is always 3 or 4 players right on the ball so even when it's tackled away, I don't always lose possesion).

While I can now actually win some games against the rediculous, cheating AI... it doesn't leave me feeling good about the gameplay. It is also somewhat offensive that I keep getting suckered into paying $40 US every 6-12 months because there simply aren't any other good PC football titles.

Anyway, thanks for the tips, because they're breathing new life into an almost wasted 40 bucks...


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Dispite the criticism I have recieved from this post I am happy that its helping some ppl out there. It's not that hard when you concentrate

I was leading 7-2 against France just a min ago, a lack in concentration for a few mins and the game ended 7-6 :)


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Boy, I just read this post for the first time. Don't know how I missed it before! Very helpful advice, thanks for taking the time to put this together.

I agree with making lemonade out of lemons. I can't say how much better the gameplay in PES is, because I don't have that experience. But I have been frustrated like most people with aspects of the gameplay. I, too, have been trying to come up with creative ways to adjust without tweaking the settings. And for me, half the fun is experimenting with different lineups, formations, strategies, etc.

My goal is to take one of the bottom teams all the way on World Class, something I confess I haven't done successfully.... yet....

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I think I'm retiring from the FIFA series. As much as I like soccer, I'm growing increasingly disatisfied with the direction EA is heading.

It's got great looking graphics, but the gameplay in WC2002 is piss-poor. I refuse to drop another $40 US on the next piece of crap they put out in October, just in time for the Christmas rush.

Even using the strategies outlined here, I still can't manage a win too often. But the point is not whether or not I can win, it's that it's incredibly unsatisfying to have to line up all your players centrally in the field because of the imbalances in the gameplay against the AI. It's not fun scoring all your goals on breakaways. Why can't we set up at the top of the box and move the ball around a bit more? It just doesn't happen. If you want to score, you've got to go with the long ball and a very fast forward.

I haven't played the game for well over a month now, and the most critical complaint that I have about the game is that the computer AI plays by completely different rules from you.

You can "lunge" tackle repeatedly and never win the ball, but when the computer does it to you, it knocks you off the ball nearly every time. This is a complete cop-out by their development team, and I frankly find it offensive that they released this crap for me to spend my money on. It's highway robbery. Since I can't get my money back, I'm taking my revenge the only way I know. I'm simply refuse to buy another FIFA title...

The End.


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I think it's nice all the things you said...
but playing against the computer is such boring... the comp always do the same tricks and it's not hard to win it on World Class...
The most important thing that should be discussed is how do you play against other players... who thinks... unlike the comp...
well if anyone wanna try to beat me at WC 2002: