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National Team Kits Quick Search


Starting XI
Club Kits Quick Search

Kitmakers, please post a link here if you have made any listed team kit
-You can get this link by clicking on the # at the top right of your post-
.:comments goes into the kitmakers threads, this thread is to make it easier to find kits for National Teams:.
.:No Requests Here:.


Starting XI

Austria - Full Pack: mogolos

Albania - Full Pack: crswind17

Andorra - Full Pack: cmc211

Armenia - Home/Away: hjbs - Minikits: cmc211

Belarus - Full Pack: mogolos


Bosnia & Herzegovina - Minikits: cmc211

Bulgaria - Full Pack: mogolos

Croatia - Full Pack: gemist - Home: mogolos - Away: mogolos - GK: mogolos

Cyprus - Full Pack: mogolos, Scissorhands - Minikits: mogolos

Czech Republic - Full Pack: mogolos

Denmark - Full Pack: hjbs + Third: hjbs

England - Full Pack: Tuzox

Faroe Islands - Full Pack: hbjs

Finland - Full Pack: mogolos - Minikits: Rebe

France - Full Pack: Tua

Germany - Full Pack: V@DER, Interista, Marian19910_FD (plus minikits)

Greece - Full Pack: mogolos - Minikits: mogolos

Hungary - Full Pack: mogolos - Minikits: Rebe

Italy - Full Pack: Interista

Liechtenstein - Minikits: Rebe

Lithuania - Full Pack: myx - Minikits: myx

Luxembourg - Full Pack: cmc211

Macedonia - Full Pack: Tua

Netherlands - Full Pack: luces

Northern Ireland


Moldova - Full Pack: cmc211

Poland - Full Pack: Pepis21, mogolos, Dimalinho

Portugal - Full Pack: simo_yes

Republic of Ireland

Romania - Full Pack: mogolos, Interista

Russia - Full Pack: V@DER, HSVBalti - Minikits: Rebe


Serbia - Home/Away: Scissorhands

Slovakia - Home/Away: Scissorhands - Minikits: Rebe

Slovenia - Minikits: cmc211

Spain - Full Pack: Interista, pkbomb


Switzerland - Full Pack: mogolos - Dimalinho


Ukraine - Full Pack: mogolos - Minikits: Rebe

Wales - Full Pack: Pepis21


Starting XI

Australia - Home/Away: simo_yes

Cambodia - Full Pack: Scissorhands

China PR

India - Full Pack: myx - Home/Away: Sinco69

Indonesia - Home/Away: billy_d04nk5 - Full Pack: Scissorhands

Japan - Minikits: Rebe

Kazakhstan - Minikits: Rebe

Korea Republic - Minikits: cmc211

Korea DPR - Full PacK: cmc211

New Zealand

Malaysia - Full Pack: Scissorhands- Away: billy_d04nk5 - GK: billy_d04nk5 - Minikits: cmc211

Oman - Home/Away: billy_d04nk5

Singapore - Home/Away: Scissorhands, billy_d04nk5 - GK: billy_d04nk5

Thailand - Full Pack: Scissorhands, billy_d04nk5 - GK: billy_d04nk5

Vietnam - Home/Away: Scissorhands - GK: billy_d04nk5

United Arab Emirates - Minikits: Rebe


Starting XI
In this case, I posted all the NTs that are in the actual game, but we can add the rest as they are being made

i'm not quite pleased with the federation images, so if you've got any idea to improve it, they're wellcome


Starting XI
hi guys!
i'm sory i couldn't update this
i'm having a really hard time with my internet conection lately
plus, college, work, etc
if anyone is willing to save me some time and collect all the links missing here (link, team and author) that'd be wonderful
you can pm me or post them here
in any case i'll try to keep updating this during the week whenever i get some more t¡me

thx, and keep the good work here making kits and helping the community
cheers, S

josip cro

Club Supporter
I am from crofc.net - Croatian FIFA center and I and my team are working FIFA national patch with all nations from Europe and some nations from other
and we already maked some kits but all of that it will be hard to make and more harder to find good pics se I want ask you kitmakers can I use this kits in that patch and of course in readme file it will be all who maked and one kit or something else on patch

more u can se here http://crofc.net/forum/showthread.php?t=1072

and all u are welcome to crofc.net(Y)