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National Teams Patch 1.0

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National Teams Patch 1.0 - Patch for FIFA 21 Add 51 new National Teams for Career mode by Dominn98.

I am currently working on compdata files (career tournament structure). Then there will be graphic files, uniforms, coats of arms, and finally the database - teams in DB and players. I will use the ID of the new teams from the patch Paul2008me123 [Extra NT Patch 6.0]
Initial beta release date: 8/14/2021
Tournamets Added and Modified in Career Mode:
FIFA World Cup - 32 Teams - 8 groups x 4 teams

FIFA World Cup Qualifiers - 42 teams - 7 groups x 6 teams. Advance the best 2 teams from each group. [14 seats]
UEFA EURO - 16 Teams - 4 groups x 4 teams (I will add 6 groups x 4 for 24 teams in Future)
UEFA EURO Qualifiers - 42 teams - 7 groups x 6 teams. Advance the best 2 teams from each group. Add Playoffs - First Stage 4 matches from teams with 3rd Places in groups (one take give wild card because my small bad - I will fix in the future in compobj)

ASIAN CUP - 16 teams - 4 groups x 4 teams. (The worst 4 teams don't participate in Asian Cup *Sort by Team Rating 20 teams in Setup Stage
AFC FIFA World Cup Qualifiers - Group A,B,C,D - 4 groups x 5 teams. The best teams from each group advance to World Cup + Playoff stage 1 (semi finals - teams from 2nd Place) and Stage 2 (final - winner advance to world cup)

AFRICAN CUP of NATIONS - 16 teams - 4 groups x 4 teams.


COPA AMERICA - 18 teams - 3 groups x 6 teams. Advance to quarter final the best 2 teams from each group + the best 2 teams with 3rd place in group stage.
CONMEBOL 10 Teams + CONCACAF 7 Teams + New Zealand

CONMEBOL FIFA World Cup Qualifiers
1 group traditional 10 teams all CONMEBOL Teams
CONCACAF FIFA World CUP Qualifiers *Group I and Group J because I joined the qualifying rounds in Asia - 2 groups x 4 teams - the best teams from each group advance to World Cup + Playoff with teams from 2nd Place - the winner advance to World Cup

Help With Kits - Thread
when will this mod be launched?


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If you had planned to add more national teams I could prepare lists of remaining national teams with FIFA 21 included players and players to create with approximate overalls based on their league, club, performances (if notes available).


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Complicated to create a world cup as a playable tournament, but I'm trying.

I tried to replace the women's cup, but it didn't work.

Thanks again for the help.


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My planned tournament structure - World Cup Qualifiers - distribution of seats 15 UEFA, 5 CONMEBOL, 4 CONCACAF, 5 CAF, 3 AFC
Note, this is just a project! There is a lot of work on new teams, it all depends on how much time I have and whether it makes sense to do it before FIFA 22, in which I would also like to try to make such a patch

UEFA - All 55 Teams from this zone
5 x 5 Groups and 5 x 6 Groups
CONCACAF - 12 Teams
CONMEBOL - All 10 Teams from original game
AFC - Total 28 Teams
CAF - Total 30 Teams
Who would like to help with compdata (career only tournaments!) Write me on Discord or priv.


  • 991 WC Qualifiers UEFA.png
    991 WC Qualifiers UEFA.png
    11.9 KB · Views: 206
  • 992 WC Qualifiers CONMEBOL + CONCACAF.png
    992 WC Qualifiers CONMEBOL + CONCACAF.png
    8.5 KB · Views: 194
  • 993 WC Qualifiers AFC + CAF + OFC.png
    993 WC Qualifiers AFC + CAF + OFC.png
    13.4 KB · Views: 199


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Looks amazing!
I slightly don't understand, why do you do this patch, if there are, for example, almost completed patches of Atom or paul2008me123? Could you explain please? :)
Any new staff, that we won't see in these patches?
I wish truly good luck, because it is hard work! :)


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I want to try to make my baskets and structure but it's a fact difficult and I'd rather do for FIFA 22 patch
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