New 2012-13 kits & kit packs by Sgavina


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Torpedo;3490478 said:
Sgavina, you have logo, gui logo and gui banner Podbeskidzie Bielsko-Biała?

I'll try to to make them when I'll make Podbeskidzie kits.
First GKS away and gk.


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Torpedo;3491832 said:

Dear friend Torpedo,
as you can see making Gambrinus Liga and Extraklasa kits was a long and hard work that finally came to the end.
Tomorrow I come back to the office since two months (due to my health problems) so I'll have less time to dedicate to making kits, and, as I said, now I'll make only Italian kits for the new season (I would like to be able to make kits also of Lega Pro First division, as soon as there will be photos about them, that someone requested and that I know no kitmakers usually do)

However, next weekend I'll try to make Astana kits but those will be the last kits of this thread and then I'll open a new thread about Italian kits.