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New Animation Trigger


Reserve Team
This topic is especially for modders like Andrea Pirlo and Fidel, who probably know what I am talking about.

Now, fifa is always a game about running forward, pushing the ball, sprinting, sprinting, sprinting. However real football isn't like that. When a player gets a ball, he slows down the pace, looking around for options, pushing the ball slightly forward.
This has never been in fifa and I always miss an option to do this. Now this year there is an animation in the game that is almost like that. When you pass a ball and the recieving player comes directly towards the ball he does this new animation.

NOW the big question: Would it be possible to make a mod to trigger this animation manually. Like having the ball, running slowly and for example, holding l2 and pressing right joystick.

This would be awesome for the feeling, I assume this is hard to impossible to achieve. But maybe?