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Hi everyone.
Starting from the base of the FIP 6.0 I created my very own DLC for the career mode which includes all the most important competitions between South America and Europe.
to respect the length of the Compobj without crach I made some changes below:

- The World Cup for Clubs has been added, which is played in June every 2 years 8
groups of 5 then quarterfinals, semi and final.
-Inserted the UEFA NATIONS League which is played every 2 years 4 groups from
8/9 teams. valid as qualification for the World and European Championships. For reasons
of calendar and length of the Compobj I eliminated the qualifiers
at the world and at the Europeans
- Inserted in the UEFA Conference league but only from the round of 16 with i
relegated from the groups of UCL and EL

- Fixed some championships with the inclusion of the playoff final
- Fixed Copa Sudamericana showing N/A in second year
for the groups, I modified the scoreboard starting from the eighth notes with the
teams relegated from the Copa Libertadores.

Increased the chance of receiving job offers from other teams in career mode.

I attach the DLC FILE
I hope you will like it.


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