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New Faces By M@h


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Alex Sandro (Juventus - Brazil)



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Please keep going! I will start making faces again!
Pls, can you making face:
- Chelsea ( Mydruk, Palmer, Gallagher , Caicedo , Enzo, Sanchez and other new player season 23-24)
- Barca( Pedri, Gavi,)
- A. Gordon(NU)
- Anthony(MU)
J. Alvarez( Mc), Dovbyk, Tsygankov( Girona)
You do very perfect face ☺️
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Hello Guys I will post some faces for fifa 10 I hope you like it

sorry I don't accept any requests and for any bad in english

first I must thanxxx Nathan Alexander and mariantim because they give me alot of enjoing by fifa game and teach me alot

let's begin

Luka Jović (Real Madrid - Serbia)

Hi Ghoro11, I’m modding for game Fifa online 2, do u have file skinplayer with tattoo for fifa 10 or fifa 11? it would be great if you send it to me, thank u so much!


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