New Faces Converted [tokke001]


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U did what exactly?
I used the convert tools, they work great for almost every face. but for some reason the hairfile glitches of some files. i converted them en they show correctly in creation master (look the picture) but when i play the game the hair glitches.


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@tokke001 Do you know how to fix this hair glitch?

this is an error without solution, i long searched for:
it now got fixed...

it is caused by the vertex position "W-value" :
but it is strange :
* at FIFA 14 hairmodels : this w-value isnt "1", but i think this value is ignored by the game at FIFA 14
* at FIFA 11 hairmodels : this w-value should be "1" (with the same fifa 14 xyz values), because FIFA 11 uses this w-value & gives such errors

-> because :
if i convert hair-models from fifa 14 to 11:
* both vertex formats with : 4f16 positions
* use the same x/y/z/w values -> the model is bugged at FIFA 11 (because this game uses the w-value)
* use the same x/y/z values, and w=1 -> the model is oke at FIFA 11 (because this game uses the w-value)

maybe @Dmitri knows this :
is the position w-value used (ingame) at FIFA 14 ?


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Hi, Tokke001!

It's optical illusion or this faces (like Beckham) really have a normal head size?
I download faces from Dimitri's thread for FIFA 14, but most of them have a big heads, this very annoying.
And is it possible to manually scale that faces in Blender?
Sorry for offtop.