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New Generations of Kits


Youth Team
please stop using my textures and act like you made it.
and please take it down, thanks
Yes, I took your twitter textures and deleted the logos and fixed certain errors that had been, but since the name of the twitter account does not match any in the forum I did not give you the credits, they will soon be eliminated


Club Supporter
I dont have a form of edit a Teamkits table , sorry
It's fine bro, btw, iam on a brazilian mod server, they have a chat to send mods, iam exporting your kits to .fifamod (im giving the credits to your profile) wanted to know if there isn't any problem and if i can continue doing it, thank you already


Youth Team
I know that I have not upload suits for a long time but I have not found anything that catches my attention, I started to think and I have always been a fan of Nike CR7 boots so I will create a pack of Nike CR7 with the new Nike VIII Fliknit model , but with old versions of the nike CR7 I started today so I hope to finish within a week I will upload it in .fifamod and in folders with the .PNG files


Youth Team
bandicam 2021-08-25 09-16-31-756.png
bandicam 2021-08-25 09-16-04-469.png


Youth Team
I have not been able to upload any type of content here because my graphics card broke, and if I can continue editing but I cannot see the results, create a new adidas HEAT template. DRY in 4k created by me from scratch and helping me with some Kits of @Voleck and @✧ Woodashi ✧ of, thanks in advance, as soon as I can I will publish them.