New Kits 2009/2010


Starting XI
simon202020;2743313 said:
Rangers 3rd 09/10...

B]Ghana Home & Away...[/B]

Morocco Away...

Egypt's Other Home...

Senegal Home...

a couple of these do not match, these


Reserve Team
Sevillista;2750489 said:
I didn't realize they were tight jerseys... I don't know how I feel about that
IMO as game jerseys, tightness is a good thing (runners and cyclists never wear "baggy" clothing because it hinders movement), but for the average fan in the stands...yeah, no. ew.


Youth Team
These tight jerseys are for metrosexual fans and fitness center freaks.
It's not enough to be just slim, without muscles it will look ridiculouse.
Puma should also produce XXL and XXXL for the beer-and-chips-lobby.


Starting XI
I think it is likely Puma will produce normal fits for the shirt and just keep the tight fit for player versions.

Here is an advert for the new Puma shirts, bit homoerotic in parts.