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New season starts! Please read it!

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We have the same rules as we had last year. Below, you will find a list of Prediction Leagues for this season. If you would like to grab one of them (or more) let me know in this thread or via PM. If you are new member here and wishes to run a PL first read these rules to make sure that you are able to fulfill it. Also if you would like to run a brand new Prediction League that's okay too. Just let me know what it is before you will start it. Former PL runners have a precedence to run a PL.

Ready?! Steady?! GO!!!

List of Prediction Leagues


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Recrero152;2966968 said:
What happened to it, lol. I was hoping for some nice competitions but no one made a thread...

It seems that former participants and PL runners lost interest in keeping this forum alive. :-(


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I said it before and I still believe if just someone started to run a PL people would join in, but as no one started one there was nothing to join.


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I was definitely looking forward to participating again, but nobody started a league, and I'm too lazy to hold one myself. :p
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