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Number of substitute players?


Club Supporter
- You can update the rosters on the table_teamplayerlinks table.
- You need to know which formation that you are using and then edit the "position" field on the table_teamplayerlinks.
- The formations are stored in the table_formations table and this will show you which postions are in the starting line-ups for that particular formation.
- You would put pos 32 for 7Subs (max), the reserves are pos 33.
- You can get the detail of each position by using unidb and converting your language db (eng.db for example) in the "fe" folder.


Youth Team
You can change the number of substitutes available on the bench via the common.ini parameter NUM_SUBS, then reset game settings to default in-game. through this method, you can have more then 7 subs available on the bench. for example 12 subs. you can use DBM to choose which players default to being subs via Toukichi instructions. And as Toukichi stated in the other thread (DEL all folders in My Documents\2006 FIFA World Cup), any modifications to the roster (lineups) from within the game could override DBM changes. that's why i usually don't make roster changes in-game.