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OFFICIAL FIFA Infinity Patch 14 v5 (FIFA 14 HBZ Mod 22/23 Season)

messi as

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Please bear in mind this is a beta of the mod. There isn't a fix, they just dont have their faces made or assigned yet. And of course there isn't all the content yet, its not finished, its BETA for a reason. Full release is yet to come.

if i install the update @Gamer_KR1925 I don't lose the kits and the new balls, do I with the mod beta of harry?


Starting XI
Russian PL (in patch) ...season 22-23 ?

Tekr waiting message ...for help 22-23 files RPL
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@JochemLFC2 You shouldn't laugh

If the community and Harry himself are interested and want to see the RPL forms of the 22/23 season from TEKR Team, then he just needs to read a private message here on the website


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Yesterday I was playing Palmeiras vs Urawa red diamonds. The game freezes .
Then flamengo vs Auckland city ( I added)

Any help?


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hello good afternoon, someone has the search error in career mode (the game closes when executing the search), is there a solution to correct it?


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hello because I can't change the loots ... in CM I change it but the change does not appear in the game


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Hello Harry, Thank you for all of your work.
I have found a post about a chants pack in mp3 format for pes 2021, would it be possible to use those chants to use them in previous versions of fifa in your mod (for example FIFA14, FIFA16... etc) ??.

they are approximately 9gb in download.

Link: pesnewupdate.com
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After the world cup is over, would you recommend a patch for the clubs? Will there be teams and jerseys for 2023, for example, UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League teams Ballkani, Pyunik, Shamrock Rovers will teams be made? FINALLY, TURKEY SUPERLIG faces jerseys.. I'm waiting for a patch as good as the world cup patch. thank you skoczek and ovido


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Hello friends I hope you are well. I know this question is irrelevant but being the most visited thread I didn't hold back. Does anyone know how to train the team you want in career mode? Because in all my careers the offers from national teams are poor and when I lead Barca Spain does not arrive and so with PSG and France. bayern and germany.