OFFICIAL FIFA Infinity X Moddingway FIFA 14 (HBZ Mod 20/21 Season)


Youth Team
Good morning/afternoon
Please allow me to thank @Harry BullZak for the wonderful mod. It is the best mod from the master, he is the master. Secondly a huge thank you to @Aswin Jayan for the amazing work and dedication he has shown towards the Fifa 14 community. As you can see below, i am now also creating cm news pictures for Fifa 14. and this could not been possible without the help of my brother AJ. All credit goes to him.

I am aware that AJ has created some cm news pictures already.
I hope to work with @Aswin Jayan on this hopefully,
cm news pictures will only be released as packs for each league.
No requests, the pictures can be shared. But no paid links please. I only use mediafire direct link as i create it for the community.
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links please