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ovide´s continental cups


Club Supporter
hello everyone this is maybe the greatest work I´ll try to do for those who still are playing fifa 14 and try to keep it alive.
ths patch wil feature
-complete uefa champions league from round 1 to final
-complete caf champions league
-complete afc champions league
-complete concacaf champions league
-complete copa libertadores
-complete ofc champions league.
-complete club world cup
.in future maybe I can add europa league, caf confederation cup. afc cup, copa sudamericana.

ps: -I wil make the stages bu teams not be updated as I´m not updating roster and making players.
-kits not are updated because I´m not a kitmaker.
-I´ll use the kitoverlay from scouser
-all tournaments will have the tournament dress and logos
-if someone wants to help will be welcome
-I´m don´t know the release date as I work and study but first release the beta with tournaments structure from all confederatios.


Reserve Team
I play in fifa14. I am very happy about your offer to expand the competition. Which teams will be in OFC Champions League?


Club Supporter
18 teams:
fiji: lauotka and ba
new caledonia: magenta and lossi
new zealand: team wellington and auckland city
papua new guinea: toti city and madang
solomon islands: solomon warriors and marist
tahiti: dragon and venus
vanuatu: naikutan and erakor golden star
american samoa: pago youth
cook islands: tupapa mararenga
samoa: lupe o le soaga
tonga: veitong


Club Supporter
first screenshot from teams that played round 1 champions league 17/18


Club Supporter
i´m taking teams from @moddingway patch, and others patches, of course I will give the credits to them, I just adapting to fifa. the tournament structure is made by me.
and it is in a pure fifa