Patches, updates, and editors, available for CM4 and 03/04


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Latest update, by Alex Sawczuk, can be found at Browse to "CM0304-update", and there it is.
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Version 5 is a pre season release 8th 6 2004, the next version is scheduled for the end of july early august. Please read this before installing the update.
FMA CM0304Update.v5 was made from the latest cm03-04 patch 4.1.4 & 4.1.5. we advise you to have these patches installed before updating your game.

Please "take note" updating your game will mean loss of previous data, backup all data files in cm folder C:\Program Files\Eidos\CM 03-04\data\db.

Infomation: All Transfers Loans & Retirements (worldwide) updated till 8th of june 2004, The update has Promotion & Relegations updated in 31 out of 42 nations. As most people already know, The Italian league format is changed for the 04-05 season, This could not be edited in the Game. So the league will continue as thou no change has taken place. Meaning Fiorentina and Atalanta stay in serie B, The other 4 promoted teams go up. There is 54 new staff been added to the database.
(chairmen coaches players) eg: Claude Anelka Raith Rovers. Any players transferred over the summer have not been given a squad number. this will be updated in future updates. Tottenham manager santini will continue being the france manager until he leave's in reality. Partick Thistle will play in the SPL until the final outcome is decided.

Also the Champions league, Uefa Cup, Inter-toto Cup representatives have been updated accordingly to Fifa's 04-05 Competitions format. (super league cup also)

Most if not all injured & loaned players from the 03-04 season
have been removed for 04-05 Season.

Rafael Benitez has joined liverpool in the update, harever this will be removed in the next update if speculation changes. or the deal falls though

Clubs in liquidation will either be removed or in Telford United's position will be reformed to AFC Telford.

Promotion and Relegations updated.(in the following countries also lower leagues)

Italy<(not lower league), Spain, England, Holland, Germany
Finland, Sweden, Greece, Norway, Denmark
Belgium, Turkey, Israel, France, Czech, Poland, Romania
Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland
Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Slovakia, Russia
Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Japan, Portugal

>>All transfers worldwide updated. eg: Lucio, Samuel, Veron(loan).

>>Many players attributes updated for cm04-05 season.

>>Many team kit colours changed (worldwide). eg: liverpool & Villa away.

>>Many manager and coach transfers added. (Santini, Benitez, Ranieri)

>>Many players squad numbers updated.

>>Many players histories updated.

>>Many club finance's updated.

>>All player and staff retirements updated.

>>All deceased staff and players removed

>>All players contracts updated.

>>All manager and coach contracts updated.

>>All ban,s added. (Ferdinand,Cordone)

>>New chairmen added.

>>New media added. (sites magazine newspaper)

>>New youth players added to database.

>>Future stadium moves added. Arsenal, Bayern,

>>Stadium pitch size's updated (to the correct sizes).

>>Duplicate players deleted.

>>Non loaned players removed.

>>Non injured players removed.

>>All new history updated for 04-05 season.

>>Champions league & Uefa cup updated.


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And updates for CM4? I know that is very old and almost nobody play or have interest on it, but, it's the only one I managed to have, so, I am searching an actual one for a long long time.

I Can update the argentinian league by myself, but the others @,@


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Anyone knows if there is a downloadable blank database for CM4 (02/03)
Blank meaning only no players and staff, but I want clubs, stadiums and that things.
If you know something about this, please, put a link, although I think is almost impossible to find one


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Of course than less, but I don't want any real players, only fantasy ones XDD

Yes, I'm crazy :crazyboy:

(BTW, I need to resize my sig)


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Because I want some of my friends, fun players and stuff, and with unreal players the only thing I get is a crappy game


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no. i just realised when i put it in. still its pretty close.
it goes up to the end of the january transfer window last season, i think its the most uptodate out there.

p.s yeay!!! 400 posts:D