Pawel's Faces

Paweł 2010

Starting XI
Ok,i will update model.
Jakub Rzeźniczak [Legia Warszawa,Poland]

Bartosz Salamon [Sampdoria,Poland]

Paweł 2010

Starting XI
Dominik Furman [Legia,Poland U21]

Tomasz Jodłowiec [Legia,Poland]

Dossa Junior[Legia,Cyprus]

Daniel Łukasik [Legia,Poland]

Bartosz Bereszyński [Legia,Poland]


Senior Squad
Dossa is very cool,model and texture!

for others,u should work more on models and textures,they're still looking "facegened"!

just a tip,dont use facegen textures if not for basing a new one!And as I said before,if a player hasn't good pics,use EA's textures as complement(download verh faces archive for FIFA 14),if u're using,I cant notice the results!

Also fit hairs better!


Senior Squad
Great faces my friend. I have question - is possible release this faces for Fifa 13 version Milik, Brożek, Dossa Junior and Salamon?
I not have fifa 14 and your faces is awesome and I can't play with this :(

I have big respect for you
Cheers from Puszczykowo :)