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pb with the name of created player


Youth Team
Hello all
I created 2 players in CM13 and can't see their names in game.
In fifa 13, there's just the number of their jersey, but not their name and impossible to add it.
Do you know this problem ? How can I resolve it ?
Thanls !


Starting XI
If you are using an edited db, the probable reason is all the name slots for new players have been used up.


Youth Team
I replaced other players, modify their name to put my new ones and same problem...
Names of these new players don't appear in the game. All the others informations from them are ok.
I don't understand !


Starting XI
Could also be a save issue, CM 13 is buggy and names don't always save properly. Change the name, then switch tabs, then save. If you try saving under the same tab that you edited the name, the name often will not save.

Another thing to try is load the original default db, create your new player/name, then save. Then check to see if the name shows up in-game. If it does, you know your issue is with the db you're using and not CM 13.