Pede 54's Kit Thread III......The Saga Continues...


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hi pede, i have a dude, where i can found a good photo of bike 05-06 designs, because i want to know how is the dry-fit sleeves :boohoo:


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Mick....glad you like the kits mate......... :)

Runar....i guess i will man.......... :ewan:

Fifa addicted...i have no idea what the sleeves actually look like mate........ :boohoo:

Barcelona home(this is bound to need updating sometime)



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joeyfg said:
Pete will you pleeeeeaaaaaaaseeeeeeeee make the new atletico home kit....away aswell but i dont no how it looks so....

Look here.....GettyImages due Kezman's presentation


Here...Dueo Kezman's presentation official Atletico site

Thanks dude....hope you can do them fast :)

The awya kits are the same as the home but replace the red with black and the white with yellow. Yellow v-neck collar with black "bull horns", and the part behind the collar is yellow i will try and find some pictures :)

Nice find with the Chelsea kits Runar :funny:


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wow, quicker than i thought :D



:ewan: Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrequesttime Pete :p

Today finally the new homekit has been revealed and I want it made by the best and that's you buddy (flattery gets me everywhere)
Can you do this one for me and it goes without saying that i'm first in line :lui:
Forget Pompey and Espanyol for now and fix your eyes on the new Ajax homekit by Adidas hehehe :p

Here is some help, the shorts is the same as usual, Ajaxlogo on the right and the Adidascrest on the left of the shorts.

Good luck ole mate :ewan: I know you can do it



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OK Joey...Ronaldo..... camilo

cheers Paul

Cheers Martijn...i'll do the Ajax mate

Bati....heres another Espanyol kit

i'm a bit busy at work for the next few days guys so the kits wont be coming so thick and fast i'm bear with me......... :ewan: