Pede 54's New 2gk Kit Thread


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RUSH said:
great work pete...

pete i think its time for a new tread lol 2940 posts..

pede54 part III. its like the godfather....

Like the that was funny...... :rockman:

i think you are right though....Martijn has been telling me the same thing for months.....OK i will start a new thread with my next kit.......Man i've missed that sense of humour while you were away.......... :)


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RobbieD_PL said:
PEDE ive got some requests, but ive only got minis as reference pics :(... They are third kits for Olympiakos (red kit, with red socks) FC Porto, (the next two, first with royalblue socks, the other with navy blue socks) AS Monaco (white kit, with white socks), Deportivo (blue/purple socks) Rosenborg (kit on second row, with white socks) NB: you wont have to put the UCL logo on the sleeve of the kit.

Hi Pede

First, wanna tell you that your a god in the World of Fifa Series. Hope you can finish with the request of RobbieD_PL. I saw that you did the Olimpiakos third Kit. The others are missing.

Thanx for everything Pede :rockman:


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hey dude, this thread was closed two years ago. Use the search tool, exists a few barcelona kits with unicef logo in he other PEDE`s kit thread