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pee's Layouts mods


Club Supporter
Hey guys, I just want to make some layouts for the community, just as this one I did for Zoken of Bor. Dortmund. If you have any request, just comment here, send some images if possible, and I'll make the fastest I can!
BVB graphics mod 1.0: http://www.mediafire.com/file/0t3gotforg2w3xo/BvB_Graphics_Mod.fbmod/file
Support your favourite creators: https://www.patreon.com/brasileiraomod (it's in portuguese, sorry)
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I sent you private messege, it wiil be awsome if you can do it.
If you need more photos or any other thing, you can tell me and i wiil find it.


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I think it is ok, I'll just need a little bit more time, I've been doing some other stuff, so be a little pacient please! Is it going to look amazing!
Awsome i just wanted to have another photo for it.
I have not problem to wait.

Quick Update: Another photos (1 the logo of the leauge, it wiil be awsome if you can added it.
(2 and the other photo it something i made, and it is great if you could added that photo into the game.
3) I added another player movement it wiil be cool if you could, added them as well).
1 and 2 if you could added them to layout it would be great.
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