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Perry's Faces


Club Supporter
Like I said, I'm working on a all-in-one Facepack that will be compatible with the World Cup DLC.
Be patient, I'm literally packing over 70 faces + improved textures + tattoos.
does it includes world cup dlc faces ?


Club Supporter
Mega Facepack release!!!

Includes 70+ faces, updates to previous faces & tattoos for Hazard and Messi

*** Please check the readme file carefully before using this mod ***
Enjoy :D


Club Supporter
Hey Perry, can you upload the link of 58 official Fifa november face update ? (including David silva bald hair, sterling, lloris, andre silva quaresma, etc.) like the world cup link you've uploaded.

Thank you!!


Club Supporter
He uploaded a squad file where you can unlock the faces from WC and with this new patch that he is working on you will see WC faces + other scan faces improved.
i know but the squad file didnt work with me its hidden and i cant see it when i load squad


Club Supporter
thank you bro.... thanks for the mega face update.... p.s will we get fekir and payet update in the future?
Fekir, Milner and Payet are priorities for my next release

i know but the squad file didnt work with me its hidden and i cant see it when i load squad
Try placing the squad file in {Documents>FIFA 18> settings} and loading it again.
Some people have reported that the World Cup Mode deletes their squad file. I hope this helps :-)