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Play FIFA 13 with PS2 Controller [Answering Request]


Club Supporter
Hi, there are who asked me to make a tutorial about how to play FIFA 13 with PS2 controller (i think it work with all controllers and it solve the right stick problem on PS2 Controller) so i can't say no for them ;) (i want to be gentle LOL).

What You Need
PS2 to PC Controller Adapter (Image)(Requiered for PS2 Controllers)
FIFA 11 Config Program (Link)
FIFA 13 Demo(Sure :))

First extract the FIFA 11 Config and enter on fifasetup2 then open fifaconfig.exe , click on Game Settings ,
choose Controller Tab then choose too your contoller ! so now you know buttons how they work so configure them as you want , when finish configuring click OK and exit the config program , got to My Document file and search for FIFA 11 Folder , enter on it and copy "buttonDataSetup.ini" to FIFA 13 Demo folder on My Document and accept replace .now open game and Enjoy :tongue:

Thanks for reading , hope i help some people with this !


Senior Squad
Thanks,it will be useful for me but I have a question do we need 2 ps2 consoles to use it,there are 2 hole on adapter.


Youth Team
the file FIFA 11 Config doesn't work , error when I open it ,
does fifa 11 should be installed ??
if it work to you , please upload the "buttonDataSetup.ini you make as FIFA 12 key .