Player value bug after a few seasons

Discussion in 'FIFA Manager Forum' started by astonia, Oct 11, 2019.

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    Oct 11, 2019
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    To any of you, ahem, personal life item price editors, (for dem billions of $$$). Ever since i think 12, whenever i get myself a personal fortune of a few trillions and build up every building in my club, planning to build my team out of youth camps only, at like, season 4-5 i can't remember which, the value of all players in my league, (Israeli premier league) suddenly skyrockets to the tens of millions for no discernible reason. It happens both when I put 1 trillion in my team's bank and both when I only donate a couple of hundred million at a time to build and maintain all my projects. It's really quite silly that a player from a bottom Israeli club is suddenly running a market value of 80m pounds. Anyone ever encounter this stuff? and or knows of another way to get all the cash needed for like 100 youth camps at max level?

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