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Hi, guys

If there is anyone who had made intro file (bootflowintro_MARKER.vp6) ?

I converted avi file with virtualdub (video compressed as VP60 simple profile, 2000 bitrate, and audio = no compression. both audio and video are in full processing mode)

after that I encoded it with eavp6encoder but it doesn't work...

When I use eavp6encoder V1.0, movie is not played in game.

When I use eavp6encoder V0.8, I think file is not encoded correctly. When it comes to V0.8, I extracted audio file(wav format) and changed it into dat file. and after that I merged it with video file and converted it into vp6 file but the file always being corrupted...

Is there anyone who knows how to make intro file?

P.S. the movie I want to use is Premier league 18/19 Intro

Thank you for read, and Good luck for everyone