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    We've finally got the FIFA 10 forum!
    For newbies, for oldies, for pro's and for learners:
    Please, whenever you start a thread with the stuff you've made, please keep the first (or first two) posts to keep an index of your creations, so anyone that comes looking for something specific can get the link from that post.
    Also, this would enhace the 'Searching process', since, as we know, the searching tool doesn't work at 100%.

    On this first post, you can just link the exact post where the item is. You can get this, by clicking on the # at the top right of the post, you can go like this

    Google[*/URL] - Search engine
    (without the *)
    - Where you paste the exact URL with your post,
    - Where Google, you just write down the name of the team,
    - Where Search engine, you can just write down a minor description (e.g. Home kit)

    The same with boots, flags, faces, etc.

    Hope it works for the good of us all
    Enjoy FIFA 10!
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