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Poland's Legendary Stadion Slaski (PES 6, FIFA 14, FIFA 15, FIFA 16, PES 2019, PES 2018, PES 2020, PES 2021)


I welcome everyone in my thread. This is the tribute to my favorite Poland's stadium of all time - Stadion Slaski is located in Chorzow City, Silesia, Poland. Thread will contain for download all possible existing and the most realistic versions of the Silesian Stadium for FIFA and PES fooball games...

Basic information about Stadion Slaski:
- Location of stadium = Chorzow, Silesia, Poland
- Opened in year = 1956
- Field size = 105m X 68m
- Seats capacity = 47.202
- Record attendance = 120.000 during Poland-England 2-0 world cup qualifier in year 1973

My 3 great passions are: Poland National Football Team
, Old Stadiums
, National Teams Football

This thread is about Polish legendary football temple old Stadion Slaski which was for more than 50 years Poland's National Stadium. It nickname "Cauldron Of Witches", which has been given years ago by England NT's players because of incredible atmosphere on the stadium...

I am aware that this is section only about ONE GAME's stadiums, but dear forum's Moderator Friends please let me manage here the thread of all possible versions of Stadion Slaski for all football games which have been ever created for... why? Because it will be much easier to find all versions of this stadium IN ONE PLACE for everyone who DO CARE ABOUT THIS STADIUM for all possible games for which THIS STADIUM ever existed! Thanks for understadning!

Stadion Slaski various versions authors:
- PES 6 = Qwerts3 (Egypt)
- FIFA 14 = RavenFCB (Czech Republic)
- FIFA 15 = RavenFCB (Czech Republic)
- FIFA 16 = RavenFCB (Czech Republic)
- PES 2019 = Arthur Torres (Brazil)
- PES 2018 = Ando12345 (Italy)
- PES 2020 = Arthur Torres (Brazil)
- PES 2021 = TheSpecialOne (India)

Dear Friends: Qwerts3, Raven FCB, Arthur Torres, Ando12345, TheSpecialOne! Thank you very much for finding the time and you decide to make this stadiums. The stadiums you have created are wonderful! That was my dream to have Stadion Slaski in new football games like FIFA 15 or PES 2019, not only in PES 6!

Stadion Slaski was a Polish National Stadium in years 1956-2009. He did not die yet. In my ANT Patches the stadium is still alive and it is still Poland's National Stadium! At Silesian Stadium Poland NT played the most important matches in our football history and won for example against Nederlands 4-1, Russia 3-1, England 2-0, Italy 1-0, Norway 3-0, Wales 3-0, Denmark 4-1 or Belgium 2-0...

That was very important to me. I have been there many times at the Polish National Team matches. The stadiums which all authors have created are perfect in my opinion and the most realistic it could be!

This is how the stadium looks in all 5 games:

1. Stadion Slaski by Qwerts3 for PES 6:

2. Stadion Slaski by RavenFCB for FIFA 14:

3. Stadion Slaski by RavenFCB for FIFA 15:

4. Stadion Slaski by RavenFCB for FIFA 16:

5. Stadion Slaski by Arthur Torres for PES 2019:

PES 6 and PES 2019 and PES 2020 Stadion Slaski 3 versions can be just simply installed by the way of stadium-servers, Kitserver program for PES 6 and Sider program for PES 2019 and PES 2020. Install of Stadion Slaski for PES 2018 is also simply by the way of add cpk stadium file to DpFileList Generator 2018.

Here is how to install the stadium turtorial for FIFA games. Stadium that Raven created. I prepare the stadium (ID 26 - name of each file) in 3 versions, separate folders for FIFA 14 and FIFA 15 and FIFA 16 versions, in all 3 cases customized names of glares files in fx folder. That will give the effect of night time dark sky and lights on in both games like you can see above on 3 youtube films. The stadium in all 3 games replaces Forest Park Stadium, after the installation of the Stadion Slaski, the Forest Park Stadium will not be available in all 3 games!

For everyone who wants to play on this stadium in FIFA 14 and FIFA 15 and FIFA 16, installation steps, how to add this stadium to FIFA 14 and FIFA 15 and FIFA 16:
1. Open Creation Master 14 for FIFA 14 or Creation Master 15 for FIFA 15 or Creation Master 16 for FIFA 16
2. Go to Forest Park Stadium (Id 26)
3. Delete both Forest Park Stadium's models of day/night
4. Put in the correct pictures which you also download for day/overcast/night/sunset
5. Change stadium's: name to Stadion Slaski Narodowy, capacity to 47202, country to Poland, year built to 1956
6. Copy the correct version of sceneassets to FIFA 14 or FIFA 15 or FIFA 16 data folder
7. Launch from tools Regenerate BH! It is very important!
8. Save Creation Master 14 or Creation Master 15 or Creation Master 16
9. Exit Creation Master
10. Launch the Game

Thank you Friends! All versions of Stadion Slaski are wonderful! "Cauldron Of Witches" alive again :)!


  • FIFA 15 Stadion Śląski (01).jpg
    FIFA 15 Stadion Śląski (01).jpg
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  • FIFA 15 Stadion Śląski (02).jpg
    FIFA 15 Stadion Śląski (02).jpg
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  • FIFA 15 Stadion Śląski (03).jpg
    FIFA 15 Stadion Śląski (03).jpg
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  • FIFA 15 Stadion Śląski (04).jpg
    FIFA 15 Stadion Śląski (04).jpg
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  • FIFA 15 Stadion Śląski (05).jpg
    FIFA 15 Stadion Śląski (05).jpg
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  • FIFA 15 Stadion Śląski (07).jpg
    FIFA 15 Stadion Śląski (07).jpg
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  • FIFA 15 Stadion Śląski (06).jpg
    FIFA 15 Stadion Śląski (06).jpg
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  • FIFA 15 Stadion Śląski (08).jpg
    FIFA 15 Stadion Śląski (08).jpg
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  • FIFA 15 Stadion Śląski (09).jpg
    FIFA 15 Stadion Śląski (09).jpg
    369.6 KB · Views: 409
  • FIFA 15 Stadion Śląski (10).jpg
    FIFA 15 Stadion Śląski (10).jpg
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It is our common good Bro :). We, Poles too many times in our 1000 years history have to fight for our freedom, we should remember that and be proud who we are :). It is just our Patriotism in good meaning beacause we also in the same time respect all other Nations and Races :). We are just loving our Poland the most in the world :).
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Another new version of Stadion Slaski this time for PES 2018 by Ando12345 converted by Him from Lohan258's Stadion Slaski for PES 2019. Main differences to PES 2019's version are... attendence on stadium during matches is not full and stadium will be available not for Sider but in cpk. Also we have for this version of Stadion Slaski new pitch with grass without any pattern. Thank You Lohan258 and Ando12345 for Your great work to make this stadium alive again in new football games

6. Stadion Slaski by Ando12345 for PES 2018:
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@Fabrizzio1985 Did anyone convert this version from PES to FIFA?

Hello :). It is a new version of Stadion Sląski made by TommyB for PES 2017. He is our countryman. He made 2 stadiums for PES 2017 on PC. This new Stadion Śląski which pictures You has shown us here and this one:
Unfortunately. I do not have any contact to Him. More than that, either I do not have any download link to this new Stadion Śląski for PES 2017. Quality of this stadium after renovation in years 2010-2017 is very good, but it is not available in internet nowadays :(. It does not exist for any FIFA game. It was made only for PES 2017 :).
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Hello! In the end as final improvements of 2 Poland's legendary old stadiums: Slaski and Dziesieciolecia there will be special editions of these 2 stadiums. Both of them improved by such things like: patriotic style big flags, halo effects, patriotic style corner flags, waving flags, smoke flare bombs and much more will be included ONLY in last version the V5.0 of ANT mod for PES 2019 on PC. I will add there also a BONUS in separate folder as PES 2021's versions of these 2 Poland's legendary stadiums. It is very nice it was possible to improve both these stadiums even more! Some pictures from final version of improved Stadion Slaski:
Also here is thread about Stadion Dziesieciolecia:
Here these 2 legendary Poland's stadiums will be included in last version of ANT Patch V5.0 for PES 2019 on PC:


  • Stadion Slaski (01).jpg
    Stadion Slaski (01).jpg
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  • Stadion Slaski (02).jpg
    Stadion Slaski (02).jpg
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  • Stadion Slaski (03).jpg
    Stadion Slaski (03).jpg
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  • Stadion Slaski (04).jpg
    Stadion Slaski (04).jpg
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  • Stadion Slaski (05).jpg
    Stadion Slaski (05).jpg
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  • Stadion Slaski (06).jpg
    Stadion Slaski (06).jpg
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  • Stadion Slaski (07).jpg
    Stadion Slaski (07).jpg
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  • Stadion Slaski (08).jpg
    Stadion Slaski (08).jpg
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  • Stadion Slaski (09).jpg
    Stadion Slaski (09).jpg
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  • Stadion Slaski (10).jpg
    Stadion Slaski (10).jpg
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