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Youth Team
Just to to make changes in my own tacitcs after saving? I got my own one and so on, but I now have to know ehat exactly I did. I can't find it ingame. Maybe it is possible to open the file where it is stored (and I don't know) with filemaster or something similar?

Is it in Setting, CustomOnline or SquadOnline?


Youth Team
Me too. I Dont Know Where is Stored Custom Tactics ....

But I Think is Stored in Settings 20131025161052#Personal Settings 1

And I Lost My Custom Tactics 2-3 Days Later After Settings It. I Dont Know Why


Reserve Team
And I Lost My Custom Tactics 2-3 Days Later After Settings It. I Dont Know Why

There was a known bug reported for EA that if you use custom tactics in FUT and then exit, it looses or resets your customs back in offline mods and other modes outside of FUT after this. Do you play FUT with it?

When you go to custom tactics and then exit you get an option to save into slots, you select one and it auto names it #1 #2 etc based on its original name (have requested this should be able to be named by ourselves like you can with set plays).

That list/slots are in your profile file when you load every game launch (again requested before they should be in a separate file per play set).

Once you save them, you go to quick custom settings (forget the name as I type here) where you can assign to D-pad up/down/left/right what you want, you then swap one out which will then show you the slot list including the name(s) of the ones you saved before, scroll through and select it which then swaps that into the dpad option of your choosing when quick selecting in game, that will stay the same unless you choose something else.

I like to load barca, goto custom tactics, do nothing & exit, get the slot list, save it out ... then add this to quick custom for my team in career as I like the low crossing build up style that has as default, you can do this for all teams defaults.

I would prefer EA to sort it out that each custom tactic you save has its own file (outside of profile to refer to anywhere), and to be named as you want it. Every year this never gets touched and its annoying. Because if you change settings or profile thats it you loose them all, but hey thats console port EA for you.