problem with cm10


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While importing a new kits in CM10 an error occured:

and since that moment it is impossible to open CM and play any match in FIfa 10 (although program runs normally) :-(



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maybe your zdata is full. in option in cm10 select "specific zdata" and select a new zdata. when a zdata gets too big it will give you an error.


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My FIFA 10 has not been properly authenticated

My fifa is working but after I finish the 1st season in manager mode a message appear (Oops! it appears that your version of FIFA 10 has not been proprely authenticated. You can get a version of FIFA 10 that can be authenticated from EASTORE.COM. If you believe you have received this message in error, please contact Customer Service.) how do i solve this problem? please help me. any patch or a key to solve this issue????


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How can weigh a file zdata?

130 MB?

With CM 10 can I get rid of the leagues, teams and players?

I would like to free up space (I want to import "file cmp" leagues updated for the season 2012/2013) then I would delete the existing ones in Fifa 10 season 2009/2010.