Problem with editing Fifa stadiums


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I've been doing some stadium editing lately and I'm very happy to say that I finally got it all to work with blender and I am getting the hang of it. I've sucessfully edited custom made stadiums (such as Pod Dubnom or Maetsky) to make new stadiums (mostly smaller ones and mostly German lower league (not perfect though)). Basically what I would do is remove a roof here or there or some stands and import parts from other stadiums. I also change the textures. However, I can only get this to work with the game when I'm using custom made stadiums for this - when I resort to Fifa stadiums (such as Euro Park,Arena D'Oro, Goodison Park etc) which are really a lot better in many respects (due to the details) I cannot get the textures to properly import into the game. I cannot figure out for the life of me as to why!??

Here are some screenshots in-game. This is Arena D'Oro that I tried to edit. In blender everything looks ok with the materials but in game it's all screwed up!. -->


After exporting into game:

Here I was able to fix the pitch because I imported it (with its textures) from a custom made stadium (Pod Dubnom). I cannot do this for the other textures those skyscrapers - look how they're even partially transparent? WTH?

I've tried many things already but nothing seems to work. For instance:

-I would change the order of ambient and diffuse texture (which for some odd reason is different in Blender with fifa stadiums then with custom made stadiums)

-I would disable other textures that are displayed in the texture menu (these additonal textures only show with Fifa stadiums)

- I would completely erase those additional textures

- I would import the important parts of the Fifa stadium into a custom made stadium (assuming the problem is with the stadium rx3 and not just the texture rx3 files)

- I would try with the Fifa stadium directly extracted from the big as well as cloned via CM

- I would use the original texture rx3 with the cloned model rx3

None of this works!

Here's another examples, the Stade Du Octobere from the WC 14 game:

The roof, the buildings, the jumbotron - all have their textures messed up. It's looks to me like Blender mixes up the ambient texture with the diffuse texture when it is exporting the files. Or the other way around - Fifa can't read the texture files properly in conjunction with the model file. How can I fix or work around this?? I would really like to work with some of these Fifa stadiums for best results. Thanks for any help!!

p.s.: I've checked some things like uvmap but that appears to be all in order (ambient textures are UV map1 and diffuse UVmap 0).


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Sorry for the double post, I guess this can be deleted? When I first tried posting it it gave me an error message so I posted again (after some time). I guess it went through the first time nonetheless.


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Do you try to contact BFL Gonzaga team they are the best stadium converters I know around here. They can share the solution. If you face any database issues, maybe I can help. I am familiar with that...