Problem With PES6 and Vista


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Hi every Body

i'm new to this forum. i have pes6 on my pc i have windows XP it is working well it's hard copy(i havn't installed it just open the reg. file and and open game it works) two of my friends took the game fom me the have windows vista it doesn't work at any one of them and gives the same plz if any one know how to make it work plz tell me.there is a patch in the game for egyptian league i havn't installed it it comes with it when took it from another friend so if this patch is causing that problem so help me to remove it or download another patch that make it work on vista.
one other thing i want plz i want a link for 2009 transferes for PES6 if it's available.

here is a picture about the error appears on Vista's PC:



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Seems to me that something is wrong with the patch you have applied. Remove all the patches and kitserver. Then try playing it. If it still crashes, reinstall the game.

Also, try removing only the kits or the stadiums or balls....then you will know whether the crash happens with corrupted kits/balls/stadiums. Try to narrow it down.