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Hi, I have this little problem with my fifa 2006 WC. I have downloaded it and also installed it, everything went right. I started the game, works fine, but there's one problem, at the beginning i need the create my profile, ok. I push the create profile button and then comes the next window, where you can put your profiles name, after typing it, i can't go further, theres no next or select button down, or like "ok", and if I press enter,also nothing wont work. Can someone help me, please?


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U can use WC 06 Match Explorer (@ to skip that problem. (without Tick on "Quick Match")

This is great program which allow you:
- Play Quick Match, Select Home/Away Teams/Kits, Select Stadium
- Options : Free Camera Mode, Penalty Shootout, Smooth Gameplay, Real time (45 minutes), Ball Previewing, Stadium Previewing, Perfect Goalie, Music Volume Controller, Resolution, Camera (8 Styles), Camera Zoom/Height, Radar, Quality, Difficulty, Game Speed, Time Display, Time of Day (Day | Noon | Night), Home/Away Player Bar, Audio, Disable Cinematics or not, Windowed
-...and Offside/Injuries/Booking/Linesmen/Referee...