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Question about the fifa console engine for pc


Club Supporter
hey everybody..Up until now i have been playing fifa 10, i have played 11 in the past and i liked it but i have a concern that i never really spent the time to investigate. In the older versions of fifa they were very flexible to mod and this is very important for me. so what exactly are the draw backs for the newer engine? I know for one thing that in fifa11 i had issues with the gamepad controllers (because mine are generic). Another concern is if i do decide to upgrade whether i should go with 13 or 14 , because i know, newer is not always better, i remember fifa 09 was a hole lot better than 10 in multiple things, its like the team decided to downgrade every aspect of the game, i dont know why dont they just build upon what they already done??..also for some reason, i find that the odd number versions are better.


Staff member
FIFA 14 will be exactly like FIFA 13, I'm sure the current tools will work, the new engine is for next-gen consoles, not for pc.


Starting XI
As sepak said, the PC version will not have the Ignite engine for next-gen consoles.

We won't know if FIFA 14 will be better than 13 until the game comes out. As for modding, FIFA 13 is easy to mod and tools are readily available. It will be a while before modding tools are available for FIFA 14. FIFA 13 is a very good game, you can't go wrong there.
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