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Discussion in 'SG Players Lounge' started by Legia_Manchester, Feb 15, 2001.

  1. I listen to quite frequently, I love it!!!! any other suggestions, guys?

    thanx! [​IMG]
  2. TheDUB

    TheDUB Guest

    For match commentary, check out each side's official site - I'm a Liverpool fan, but their site's commentary is poor, cos the connection conks out every 2 minutes, so I just use the other team's web site.
    For general stuff, check out Radio Five Live on the BBC site
    The shows are pretty good but there's no commentary online [​IMG]
  3. PolishPower

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    I just found out has live radio play by play of champions league action they had Milan-PSG yesterday that was pretty good, I listened a bit at work.

    Also you know about they have polish national team games, no league action however, but studio 3 has very good programming as far as music.

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