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Real Madrid team thread 2011-12

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Chacarita Juniors

The artist formerly known as ronnifan9
8 years of losing consistently to Barcelona, some of those loses completely and utterly humiliating, but this just a sublime feeling. This seals La Liga title for us. Ronaldo revindicated. + his celebration was exemplary unlike his obnoxious celebrations in meaningless goals.

Oh god, the joy of facing our friends who root for Barca with a "so waz up biatch" expression on our face. (H)

On behalf of the 2 remaining Madridistas in this forum (at least it's what it looks like)...thanks for the congratulations skip, gladly accepted. (Y)


Make America Great Again
MaestroZidane;3219159 said:
Bring it Bayern!! :sKIp_E:

Nah, La Bestia Negra is going to finish you off. But you should be happy regardless of such a huge triumph. It would be anticlimactic to play Chelsea in the final anyway (H)




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That is a weird but funny gif... love it. :tongue:

And well, looks like Mourinho said he will be here next season, so that's comforting to know :33vff3o:

and thanks for the congrats (Y)

Wish it was tomorrow already... :sKIp_E:

Chacarita Juniors

The artist formerly known as ronnifan9
Contract extention for Mou 'till 2015 with better incentives for him and his group. That's a rumor I heard.

Marcelo actually looks purty real in the gif, however Mou gives hands down the funniest performance.

Chacarita Juniors

The artist formerly known as ronnifan9
"Football is a simple game; 22 men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans always win." - Gary Lineker

In this case 120 minutes, but still true. :facepalm:


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Don't worry friends. Google has announced they have engineers working around the clock to find out where Ramos penalty kick landed (H)!!!
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